Jaguar protection products from Autoproducts

Jaguar Protection Products

A full range of Jaguar branded car protection products is offered for Jaguar dealer franchises, which includes branded disposable seat covers and heavy duty, re-usable branded products.

We can also supply Jaguar vehicle covers, floor mats, technician’s kits, storage systems and dedicated steering wheel protection, all supplied using the very best quality materials and production techniques.

Disposable Interior Protection

  • Heavy duty plastic seat covers
  • White crepe paper floor mats
  • Steering wheel covers and autowrap cling firm
Jaguar Disposable Seat Cover
Jaguar Disposable Interior Protection
Jaguar Disposable Steering Wheel Cover
Jaguar Disposable Steering Wheel Wrap
Jaguar reusable seat cover
Jaguar technician's kit

Reusable Interior Protection

Reusable technician’s kit, comprising: a Recaro style nylon seat covers, a rubber floor tray & a nylon steering wheel cover, all contained in a nylon kit bag for easy storage.

Jaguar approved exterior protection

All manufactured in black PVC with solid blue anti-slip backing, velcro fixing straps and ventilation mesh.

Jaguar Front Side Protection
Jaguar Rear Seat Protection
Jaguar Rear Protection
Jaguar Front Protection
Jaguar Centre Console Protection

Jaguar approved storage systems / sundries

Jaguar Wall Mounted Storage
Jaguar Floor Mounted Storage
Jaguar Floor Mounted Storage
Low Tac Bubblewrap
If you are Jaguar specialists, or a Jaguar classic specialist or enthusiast, please contact our sales team on 01824 707555 to discuss our full range of dedicated Jaguar car protection products.

Jaguar Brochure

For our full range of Jaguar service protection products, download our brochure.