Floor Mats from Autoproducts

Suzuki disposable interior protection
Dispoable Euro Repar floor mat
Dispoable branded floor mat

Disposable Floor Mats

Our disposable floor mats are available in wither white bleached crepe kraft paper – large and extra-large sizes – as well as common brown 100% recycled paper.

These are available in plain, OEM branded or printed to your specification (minimum order required). Please click here for more information on having your own brand.

Stand alone and wall mounted dispensers are available for all our products on our Bodyshop Essentials page

All of our paper floormats are recyclable to help the environment.

Please get in touch to see which are approved by your manufacturers.

Isuzu Floor Tray
Subaru floor tray

Reusable Floor Trays

Our re-usable plastic floor trays are durable and easy to wipe clean (use our anti-bacterial wipes – see janitorial products in Bodyshop Essentials).

These are long-lasting and therefore offer great value for money for our clients. These can be purchased as part of the reusable technician kits.

We can add any logo or name you require on these floor trays – please ask for your brand.

Own branded floor mats

Own branded floor mats

Many of our customers prefer their own marketing information on the floor mats which can be used in service centres and sales showrooms. These can have any logo and marketing slogan you require and available in single colour or up to 4 colours.

You can choose either our 375x508mm 80gsm floor mats or high quality 380x500mm 140gsm wet strength heavy duty paper.

Call our sales team on 01824 707555 for more information