Health & Safety Solutions

As well as protecting vehicles and high value products, we also provide Health & Safety products to ensure that technicians and staff are kept safe during with innovative safety messages on products to help reinforce the message to operators. Our Electric Vehicle light inspection cover (EV11N) helps to ensure that everyone is aware of the high voltage vehicle that’s being serviced and that only trained personnel should operate on it. The same applies for our steering wheel cover (EV29).

Our VOR29 is a steering wheel cover to indicate that a vehicle is off road and should not be moved. Small additions like these make a big difference for the safety of operators and those around them.

VOR cover
Yellow Steering High Voltage Warning

Production Line Solutions

Autoproducts have been the first name in many manufacturer’s minds when they have a need for protection on the production line. There are so many pressures on production for manufacturers that even the slightest of damage to the body work can cause costly delays, let alone the cost of remaking the part that has been damaged. Autoproducts have helped the likes of Lamborghini, JCB, Princess Yachts, Bentley, Aston Martin, Pagani and Rimac to ensure they’re OTIF targets are achieved and that their products come through the production process with no damage. Call us today on 01824 707555 to discuss how we can help your production protection requirements.

Defender 2 Millionth Rear Wing Covers
Production Line Solutions
OMI - Drop Over 1

Transport Solutions

In addition to protecting products during production and whilst being serviced, Autoproducts also protect the during transport. Full car covers, specially made IT protection and transportation of one-off furniture and medical equipment are products we can produce solutions for to ensure there is minimal damage to your products during transport.

PARADE Bar 2019
Medium Storage Trolley Drop-Over Cover - LR

Agriculture & Construction Solutions

Whilst the environments within agriculture and construction don’t lend themselves to require too much protection from the elements and rough terrain, protecting the machinery and operating equipment is essential for their longevity and productivity. Many tractor dealerships use our products to protect their client’s purchases and construction companies often protect their cabins, seats and vehicles when not in use. This is also a security measure on construction sites to further deter any intruders – or at the very least delay them enough to be stopped.

Takeuchi Drop over
JCB tractor protection