electric vehicle

There can be no doubt that the electric vehicle presents the biggest shake-up the motor manufacturing sector has seen in over a century.

Technological advances with motor vehicles have been a major feature of the industry for decades, out of necessity, and to ensure that customer needs are met and different manufacturers can gain an upper hand in the market.

But nothing compares to the rapid development of electric vehicle technology and the ‘wow factor’ they have added to the forecourts, roads and motorways. And with this comes different strands to the learning experience as we all come to terms with the fact that electric vehicles are the future, and that includes servicing and maintenance and the health and safety requirements within that.

On a number of occasions last year, UK sales of electric vehicles overtook diesel vehicles for the first time. Whether this was prompted by the recent fuel crisis or the escalating concern over climate change is irrelevant, because the gradual ascendency of the electric vehicle is unstoppable and the fact that they will soon be the market-leading vehicle type is inevitable. And as the market changes so other elements of it learn to adapt, and in the service and maintenance sector we at Autoproducts have done just that.

Essential health and safety products for electric vehicles

The electric vehicle light inspection cover (EV11N) is an essential health and safety measure aimed at creating a safe and secure working area for technicians servicing an electric vehicle. As we are beginning to learn, electric vehicles require specialist knowledge and expertise, and as such, a vehicle in the process of being worked on needs to be isolated and retained in a safe state. Therefore the electric vehicle light inspection cover informs people that this is a ‘high voltage vehicle being serviced’, and is fast becoming an essential feature of service centres across the UK as the electric vehicle market expands.

Light inspection covers are designed to assist with quick work, so that they can be laid flat on a vehicle and even moved around to different areas as work progresses. The lattice-effect backing provides an anti-slip surface so that the vehicle technician can lean on the vehicle and the cover as they work. The beauty of the light inspection cover is that it is adaptable to any vehicle and any service centre or garage, however big or small.

As we know, it is essential that when a vehicle is being worked on it is identified as being ‘off-road’, ‘in-service’ and cannot be moved. The light inspection cover clearly provides that indication and the text can also be adapted to carry other messaging, as well as logos, colours and branding.

Rapid developments in servicing electric vehicles

In addition to providing technician’s kits, seat covers and floor mats, we are finding that our electric vehicle quick covers are becoming more and more popular as electric vehicles grow in prominence on UK roads. The rapid and relentless improvement in range, charging times and driving performance means that electric vehicles are on the right track to take over from petrol and diesel vehicles when manufacture of new ones stops in 2030. With that in mind the infrastructure of public and private charging facilities is also taking shape, but behind all that is the improving knowledge and expertise of service and maintenance technicians.

This is where Autoproducts step in and assist in this vast transformation of the motor vehicle industry, providing health and safety products that are fast becoming essential to the service and maintenance sector.

For service centres, garages, dealers, bodyshop centres and all forms of vehicle maintenance, the electric vehicle light inspection cover is one of the key safety products you need, so contact Autoproducts today to discuss your requirements.