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The six month extension for MOTs from the first COVID lockdown in the Spring of 2020, applied to all vehicles with a certificate expiring between the end of March and the end of July 2020. This was a great relief for drivers struggling with the prospect of keeping their vehicles on the road while many garages and service centres were having to close due to the pandemic. However, the knock-on effect is still causing ripples throughout the automotive industry, and two years later, businesses are still being urged to prepare themselves for the peaks and troughs of demand which continue to cause chaos.

Although the MOT extension was very welcome, it has thrown the normal process for renewals out of sync, meaning that the forward-loading of demand for MOTs is proving very difficult to manage.

Volatile demands for MOT and servicing

Demand for MOTs fell dramatically during April and May 2020, as you would expect, but this was still being felt in 2021, with figures released by the DVSA showing that 2.3 million fewer MOTs took place in those two months of 2021, compared to the same period pre-pandemic. There were 5.4 million MOTs registered in April and May 2019, and just 3.1 million in the same months of 2021.

That is a huge shortfall in work for garages and service centres across the UK, and has a huge effect when looking to manage labour, materials and service products, at a time when this was already very challenging due to the pandemic. Furthermore, around 70% of people try to arrange their annual service to coincide with booking an MOT visit, meaning this work was also delayed by six months, causing a double whammy for struggling auto sector businesses.

Of course, the flipside to this is a little more rosy, but no less difficult to manage. The six month delay means that businesses can expect a huge upsurge in work later in the year, and sure enough, peak demand for service and MOTs has been found between September and December for the last two years, and is expected to be seen again this year. This post-summer scale-up means garages and service centres need to be prepared to meet demand, and this is critical when many of them are still fighting to stay afloat post-pandemic and to compete with rival businesses.

Be prepared with quality vehicle protection products

Autoproducts have supplied products to protect the leading vehicle manufacturers since 1973. We supply protective products for use during servicing and MOTs, such as branded seat covers, floor mats, inspection covers, technician kits and steering wheel protection. Our products provide robust and value-for-money protection while maintaining a professional image for your business, which can be critical in offering your business a competitive edge in these challenging times.

Using quality materials for long-lasting, cost-effective protection, you can choose between re-usable or disposable protection depending on your needs and budget. We are big believers in helping our customers be prepared, and this certainly applies when the volatile demands of the industry are still being affected by the aftermath of the pandemic, so if you want to get ready for the peaks and troughs of demand for MOTs and vehicle servicing, make sure your garage or service centre contacts our experts at Autoproducts, and we can ensure you are ready to meet your commitments in 2022.