Universal Wing Front Protection

Branding is important in every industry, but names and logos have a special kind of power in the automotive industry. Manufacturer names mean so much and tie in to our dreams and ambitions, sometimes from a young age, and so the sight of a brand name and logo on a vehicle immediately tells you a lot about the vehicle itself and who is likely to be driving it. For this reason, branding is used liberally in the automotive industry and no one needs much of an excuse to show off some brand loyalty. But that is not the only reason why branded protective vehicle covers are popular and necessary.

Dedicated vehicle covers reflect the importance of protection in the automotive industry, and maintaining a vehicle in prime condition and looking as good as when you first drove it off the forecourt. That is why vehicles require protective covers all over the interior and exterior while it undergoes service and maintenance, and it shouldn’t be forgotten that garages and service centres are just as proud of the vehicles they work on, and as loyal to brand names as the owners are.

Why does a vehicle need protection products?

Primarily, a vehicle needs branded service protection products during routine service and maintenance work. Dedicated garages can project a professional image by using branded seat covers, steering wheel covers, crepe floor mats, front and rear covers and wing covers. These will be used while work is undertaken on the car and protect exterior paintwork, interior upholstery and door and dashboard surfaces.

These areas can be scratched by tools or components being removed, or by paint, oils, greases or lubricants used in the service and maintenance operations. A garage or service centre will choose the right protection products for the type of jobs it does. Some may only do internal work, while others do only engine work, and some will do both.

What to look for with vehicle protection products

So what do you need from your branded vehicle protection products?

  • Good value – You will often be buying these in bulk quantities, so you need your dedicated vehicle covers to be cost-effective, or if they are heavy duty covers they need to be long-lasting.
  • Robust – The word ‘disposable’ often gets mistaken for poor quality, but even if a cover is single-use and meant to be thrown away immediately, you still need it to do an effective job and therefore it needs to be well made and fit-for-purpose.
  • Green credentials – Ideally you want anything that is single-use and disposed of to be recyclable.
  • Professional – You need your vehicle protection covers to be robust and good quality and to look stylish and professional. Internal covers such as seat covers or steering wheel covers and floor mats are often left in the vehicle once the owner has picked it up. So the covers are a reflection of the quality of your garage or service centre, and are effectively advertising how good your services are.

The best vehicle protection products in the industry

Autoproducts are a long-established and family-run business, and we have been supplying the biggest names in the automotive industry with branded service protection products since 1973. We therefore understand the value of branding and brand loyalty, but also how owners take great pride and care in their vehicles. That is why we have partnered with names such as Hyundai, Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo to deliver great-looking dedicated vehicle covers, that are amazing value and effective in protecting vehicles during important service and maintenance work.

So whether you need disposable interior protection, front and rear PVC vehicle protection or even just wall-mounted storage brackets, you need your garage or service centre to carry brand names and be proud of it, but also to offer the all-important vehicle protection that your customers demand, so get in touch with Autoproducts today.