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Our speciality at Autoproducts is having extensive knowledge of and experience in the automotive sector. This means we have first-hand experience of the problems service and maintenance technicians face, and therefore we can come up with innovative solutions which don’t just solve a niggling problem, but do it in a practical and cost-effective way.

A great example of this is our range of masking film products, which we are an exclusive supplier of in the UK, and which are tailored to the age-old problem of masking off parts of a car’s bodywork when applying paints. Not only do you need this product to be effective, you also need it to be applied quickly and easily, and this has all been factored in to a design brief which delivers on every level.

What problem does masking film solve?

Masking film is applied to parts of a car which need to be protected from painting. Often you are just touching up one section of a vehicle and the rest needs to be masked off, and when you are dealing with messy materials and an application process that involves sprays, it is important that the masking process you use is practical and reliable.

What are the advantages of masking film?

Using a roll of masking film when touching up bodywork is much better than using paper, because it is 50% faster to apply (using a roll and dispenser) and represents a 25% cost-saving, because there is less wastage.

Masking film has a high water and perforation resistance, so it is compatible with most modern paint systems, always maintaining its electrostatic properties – particularly if you use the special Silurlock Chariot dispenser – so that water deposits are resisted and this therefore avoids peeling while also maintaining an effective screening.


How is masking film applied?

The application process involves three easy steps:

  1. Cover the car with the film along the middle and from front to back
  2. Cut the film and extend it on each side of the car
  3. Cut and remove each section so that you can paint it and then move onto the next section

You can also use our masking film to protect the walls of your bodyshop.

Our range of Masking Film products

At Auto Products we have thought of everything. Our three masking film products include:

  • Velox – a 10 microns thick white film which comes in five different sizes
  • Ecomask – 8 microns thick transparent HDPE film, so less material used
  • Antidrop – 13 microns thick light blue film, with an absorbent inner side so any moisture on the bodywork is effectively picked up

All these products can be manufactured as bespoke items with your customised branding and logos added, to provide that ultra-professional look.

Where you need to protect your vehicle from paint spray in a fast and economical manner, our Masking Film products are an innovation which use small design features to solve big problems. This allows the bodywork technician to get on with their skilled and detailed work safe in the knowledge that they have the materials to help them, so contact Autoproducts today for more information and to learn about how this industry-leading product is sweeping through bodyshops all over the UK